Reading a Power Block

  • Name (Type, Phase, Range)
    • Example: Melee Strike (Common, Battle, Melee)


  • Innate (Blue) - Always on, such as a ranged Defender's Deflect power.
  • Common (Green) - Usable any number of times during an encounter
  • Heroic (Red) - Usable once per encounter
  • Signature (Black) - Usable once until recovered after an extended rest


  • Initiative - Usable only during initiative
  • Movement - Usable only during the movement phase
  • Battle - Usable only during the battle phase
  • Reaction - Can only be used if specific requirements or conditions within the powerblock are met


  • Self
  • Melee (Adjacent)
    • All ranged attacks are at a disadvantage if the attacker is engaged in melee range by one or more enemies
  • Short (2 - 5 sq, advantage)
  • Medium (6 - 15 sq, no adv/dis)
  • Long (16 - 30 sq, disadvantage)
  • Cover - Cover is defined as any piece of solid terrain that partially blocks line of sight between the attacker and the target. Any attack made against a target behind cover is at a disadvantage.
  • Hidden - A creature or hazard that is hidden gains advantage on their first attack. At that point, they are no longer hidden unless otherwise stated. Attacks against a hidden creature or hazard are at a disadvantage.


  • Self (No target line is req'd for powers with a range of Self)
  • One (target)
  • Up to X (targets)
  • Up to X (targets) in Burst Y
  • Each (target)
  • Each (target) in Burst Y
  • Each (target) in range
    • Target(s) can be replaced with the following:
      • ally / allies
      • creature(s)
      • creature(s) or object(s)
      • enemy / enemies


  • Specifies what occurs when you hit your target or targets.


  • Describes what happens when you miss a target or targets. If there is no miss line, than the attack or power fails and nothing happens.


  • An effect applies regardless of whether you hit or miss.

Example Power Block