Movement Powers
Effect: Shift one square. You do not provoke opportunity attacks from this movement. You suffer disadvantage on your ranged attacks during this round. You may not shift out of difficult terrain.
Effect: Move up to four squares. If you move out of a square threatened by an enemy, you provoke an opportunity attack from that enemy.
Target: Each enemy that threatens you
Effect: Roll an initiative test opposed by all enemies targeted. Each enemy that rolls higher than your initiative test may immediately make an opportunity attack attack against you. After all opportunity attacks have been made, you may move up to four squares and you do not provoke any further opportunity attacks from the targeted enemies during this movement. You must end your movement in a square where you are not threatened by any of the enemies targeted.
Special: This power can only be used once per round, but may be used in either the Movement Phase or the Battle Phase.
Target: One enemy within six squares
Effect: Move up to six squares towards the selected target. Each square of movement must decrease the distance between you and the target. You gain advantage on melee attacks against that target and grant advantage to all attacks against you until the end of this round. You cannot use any ranged powers.
Special: You may not charge out of difficult terrain. If you enter difficult terrain at any point during your charge, you stop moving immediately and your movement phase ends.
Effect: Move up to eight squares. You grant advantage to any attacks made against you this round.
Effect: Move up to twelve squares. You grant advantage to any attacks made against you this round. You have disadvantage on all attacks you make until the end of this round.