The Leader is a skilled battlefield commander, capable of directing their allies to make additional attacks or slip into an advantageous position. Leaders also aid their allies by example, showing where weak spots in an enemies defenses are or creating an opening for an ally to take advantage of and strike. Note: The leader calling is the most difficult of the three callings to play. Inexperienced players unfamiliar with rpg's should try the skirmisher or defender first.

Level Chart

Level Health Vitality Abilities
1 2d6+16 - Tactician's Orders, Warlord's Command
2 - +1 -
3 - - -
4 1d6+4 +1 -
5 - - -
6 - +1 -
7 1d6+4 - -
8 - +1 -
9 - - -

Leader Powers

Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack during your turn.
Target: One ally that can see or hear you and is within 5 squares of you or the target of the attack that triggered Tactician's Orders.
Special: You may choose one of the following effects.
Effect: Your ally may shift up to one square per tier. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.
Effect: Your ally gains advantage on their next attack against the target of the attack that triggered Tactician's Orders, before the end of the next round.
Special: You may only use this power once per round, during either the Movement phase or the Battle phase.
Target: One ally in range that can see or hear you.
Effect: Target may immediately use a movement action during the Movement Phase or an attack power during the Battle Phase. The target gains advantage on the attack granted by Warlord's Command.