Hirelings are inexperienced people who have either a lust for adventure or have fallen on hard times and have nowhere else to turn. All hirelings begin as minions, fragile combatants that have little skill in battle. Their saving grace is that they are resolute folks, determined to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Types of Hirelings

There are four types of hirelings, three of them much like the three adventurer callings, but in a more limited fashion. The fourth type of hireling, the bonesetter, is capable of administering first aid, potions, and using minor healing powers after they've gained some experience.

  • Brawler > Soldier > Armsman
  • Hunter > Archer > Marksman
  • Torchbearer > Bannerman > Herald
  • Bonesetter > Medic > Healer

Add footnote that Bonesetter was named by Brian Vo on gplus.


As a minion, hirelings only have one attack power. This acts as both their melee and ranged strike and is used when making an opportunity attack. Hirelings also have a heroic power that allows them to avoid death once per encounter.

Trigger: You are reduced to zero hit points
Effect: Instead of being slain, you are knocked unconscious and rendered helpless. At the end of the encounter, if your allies are victorious, you are revived automatically at 1 hit point. If your allies are defeated, you are either taken captive by the victors or slain by them at the Game Master's discretion.

The Brawler

The brawler is typically a melee combatant that wades into the thick of battle, swinging crude weapons with inelegant strikes. As a soldier, they are better armed and armored and carry a heavy shield. Once per encounter, they can sacrifice their shield to take no damage from an attack that would defeat them. They may also mark an adjacent enemy once per round as a free action during their turn in the battle phase.